I am Assistant Professor at the LaSArIS lab - Department of Computer Systems and Communications, Masaryk University, Brno. Previously, I was non tenured researcher (RTD) at the Center for Applied Software Engineering (CASE) of the Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. I hold a MSc degree in Economics and a Bsc degree in Applied Computer Science. In April 2008, I completed my PhD degree in Computer Science at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen. My research interests include Requirements Engineering with specific focus on Requirements Prioritization, Free/Libre Open Source Software, Agile Development. I am mostly interested in an empirical approach, by either mining software repositories, collecting data by means of automated tools or surveys and analyzing by means of statistical and/or data mining approaches.

My main research interests are in:

Current news (see blog roll for more details)

10th Sept 2022:

Chair of the Critical Infrastructures track at ACM/SIGAPP SAC'22: submissions open until 1st October 2022.

1st Sept 2022:

Attended Euromicro SEAA'22 conference presenting the article "Applicability of Software Reliability Growth Models to Open Source Software".

1st Nov 2021:

Local Chair of the Internet of Things, Big Data and Security (IoTBDS'22) conference.

1st Oct 2021:

Chair of the Student Research Competition (SRC'22) at SAC'22.

1st Oct 2021:

Track Chair of the Critical Infrastructures (CI'22) Track at SAC'22.

9th Sept 2021:

Took part to Lasaris Summer School (9th-10th Sept 2021).

22 Mar 2021:

Track Chair of the Quality Assurance and Software Mining (QASM'21) Track at SAC'21.

25 Jan 2021:

Chair of the Student Research Forum (SRF) at SOFSEM2021.

28th Aug 2020:

Took part to Lasaris Summer School (Blansko, Czech Republic, 28th-29th Aug 2020).

2nd Apr 2019:

Part of the Evaluation Committee for the EU Sharing and Reuse Award.

14th Sept 2018:

Took part to Bedrichov Summer School (14th-15th Sept 2018, Bedrichov Czech Republic). More content: [1],[2],[3],[4].

15th May 2018:

Presented about Smart Grids research at Lasaris during PA181 course

17th Apr 2018:

Presented at the Italian Scientists in Czech Republic meeting at fnusa-icrc in Brno. Program: here.

8th Sept 2017:

Took part to Bedrichov Summer School (8th-9th Sept 2017, Bedrichov Czech Republic). More content: Lasaris Bedrichov Summer School page).

30th Aug 2017:

Presented at SEAA2017 (30th Aug - 1st Sept 2017 in Vienna, Austria).

22nd Nov 2016:

Presented at PROFES2016 (22nd-24th Nov 2016 in Trondheim, Norway).

11th Oct 2016:

Presented at SMC2016 (9th Oct - 12th Oct 2016 in Budapest, Hungary).

10th Sept 2016:

Took part to Bedrichov Summer School (9th-10th Sept 2016, Bedrichov Czech Republic).

2nd Sept 2016:

Presented at SEAA16 (30th Aug - 2nd Sept 2016 in Limassol, Cyprus).

9th August 2016:

Accepted Paper at PROFES2016;

3rd June 2016:

Accepted Paper at SMC2016;

2nd May 2016:

Accepted Papers at SEAA2016 and SCSP2016;

4th Mar 2016:

Newly added to the PC of DataMod2016 (previously MoKMaSD)

15th Jan 2016:

Presentation titled Application of Empirical Software Engineering given at UniWien

27th Oct 2015:

Presentation titled From the PhD at UniBZ to the Academic Career Abroad: Lessons Learnt given remotely for UniBZ Research Career Planning and International Cooperation

20th Feb 2015:

New Software Quality course at MU. More info at PV260 course page

18th Sept 2014:

Presented at ESEM2014 from 18-19 Sept 2014 in Turin, Italy. More info at ESEM2014 webpage

27th Aug 2014:

Presented at SEAA14 from 27-29 Aug 2014 in Verona, Italy. More info at SEAA14 webpage

15th Jun 2014:

OpenSym 2014 will take place 27-29 Aug 2014 in Berlin, Germany. More info about the Free/Libre/Open Source Software Research Track

12th Jun 2014:

The Call for Papers for OpenCert 2014 is out:

22nd Oct 2013:

The Call for Papers for OpenSym 2014 is out:

16th Sept 2013:

The pre-proceedings of the OpenCert2013 workshop are online!

1st Sept 2013:

Starting as Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Systems and Communications, Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic). I will be part of the Lab of Software Architectures and Information Systems (LASARIS)

12th Jun 2013:

Participated to PROFES2013 as member of the Doctoral Consortium Committee

28th Feb 2013:

I will be co-chair of the 7th International Workshop on Foundations and Techniques for Open Source Software Certification (OpenCert 2013)

25th Jan 2013:

I will be in the Doctoral Symphosium Committee of the PROFES2013 conference

28th Sept 2012:

Presented at the LUNA - Lunga Notte della Ricerca our project in collaboration with AngelEye S.r.l.

14th Sept 2012:

Project M4SPI "Software Metrics for Process Improvement" has been accepted with a funding of €14.747,30: good news!

13th Sept 2012:

Mobile App for the LUNA meeting almost fully adapted. Finished the QMSee report;

12th Sept 2012:

Set-up the plan for the course Infrastructure for Open Service Oriented Architecture together with Juha;

7th Sept 2012:

Submitted the paper on requirements prioritization to SAC2013.

6th Sept 2012:

Meeting for the LUNA preparation;