Here you can find some information about my personal life, just a very summarized view about different hobbies and what I generally like to do in the free time.

My hobbies:


Well, when I was getting my first P&S digital camera many years ago, I did not image photography was a so complex area. I was thinking it was just a matter of pressing the shutter, although I still had the idea that composition did in fact matter. After many years (and books read, as well as experinece on the field) I still find so many aspects to learn in this fascinating area. Now I am mostly shooting in manual mode with both a DSLR and a mirror-less camera - although generally is the photographer that matters rather than the camera - however, having good equipment helps especially in low light situations :)

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I like playing Soccer (I played long time as non professional), Tennis, Skiing, Mountainbiking. I also like watching Ice Hockey.


I like authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, W.H. Hodgson, Philip K. Dick

Some of my favourite books are:

I am also fan of mangas, in particular, I like

Watching Movies:

My favourite Movies